We are an inspiring team of artists and innovators working towards elevating the quality of visual content. Our interests are vested in everything creative, from handling Pre Production, Production and post-Production work, we are a fully fledged production house. We handpick a talented team for each part of the creative process to ensure that our work takes a leap from the current advertising standards. Matshepo Moving Picture Company LTD, has placed its initial footing in Kenya and aims to expand its client base across the globe.


  •   Insight and Context
    Collect and compile inspiring Ideas That will help your story.

  •   Concept Development
    Expanding Ideas to build on your story.


  •   Story Board Building
    Piecing Ideas together To create a visual representation of what the final picture look and like.

  •   Visual Treatment
    Point by Point refinement of the narrative including visual language.

  •   Technical treatment
    The breakdown of all the technical aspects of creating a film, from logistics to camera angles, sound design, final output and distribution


  •   Production
    The creative process in which we take the concept development. Storyboard building visual and technical treatment processes and turn them into lights , camera, action

  •   Post-production
    Final Edits that include sound design, colour correction and graphics.